Music Makes The World Go Around

We love music here at 35; local, acoustic, indie, soul, funk, blues, rock, dance, the lot. And it seems we’re not the only ones. Plenty of research has proven time and time again the benefits are endless. Don’t take our word for it though, here are some of our favourites that have come to light.

1. Music Makes You Happier

Research has proven that by listening to music you like, your brain releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter known for it’s “feel-good” factor.

So, next time you’re not feeling emotionally on-point, pop down for some great tunes and try a new drink. That’s all it’ll take to get a boost 🙂

2. Music Enhances Running Performance

In one study, runners who listened to motivational music, completed the first 800 meters of their run in a quicker time than runners who listened to calm music or none at all.

We can vouch for this one; when you’re 6 deep at the bar, have tonic bottle caps coming out of your ears and you’re running out of glasses, you will never see us run so fast…

Music jogging

3. Music Lowers Stress and Improves Health

So, not only does listening to music you enjoy increase your happy hormones, it also decreases levels of the stress hormone cortisol in your body! Stress causes 60% of illnesses and disease, so this finding is incredible, if not revolutionary. Additionally, it has been found that if you actively make music by playing percussion instruments and singing, your immune system is boosted more so than if you just passively listened.

Hmmm, stress levels can get pretty high when the ice bucket needs filling from the cellar, the card machine won’t work, there’s 6 of you behind the bar trying to pull a Korev at the same time, and you haven’t managed to so much as sip any water for 4 hours for busyness, but at least we’re all still dancing!

4. Music Helps You Sleep Better

“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” – Berthold Auerbach. Wise words Berthold, wise words.

A study has shown that students who listened to calming, classical music for 45 minutes before hitting the hay, slept remarkably better than others who listened to an audiobook or did nothing different from their usual night time routine.

However, when you’ve worked behind our bar with some fantastic, not so calming music, you get to bed and all you can hear is “ringggggggggggggggg”. Perhaps we should have a classical evening…

5. Music Helps You Eat Less

Interestingly, research at an American University proved that by softening the lighting, and music, while people ate, participants consumer fewer calories!

Now, we definitely have dim lights of an evening, but the music is far from soft on a weekend, so we quite often find that when you’ve come out for some live music, and potentially a few bevvies, you can be found in the local take-out grabbing some chips or chicken. Obviously not the staff though…

music benefits

6. Music Strengthens Learning and Memory

“Music is the language of memory.” – Jodi Picoult

Dependant upon how much you like the music, and whether you yourself are a musician, researchers have discovered that music can help you learn and recall information better. Everyone can remember the song “Quelle eat la date de ton anniversaries?” from French class in school, but can we string together a conversational sentence with a French person? Can we heck.

However, we generally find that when you’ve had an abundance of gin to accompany some awesome live music, it perhaps hinders your memory rather than enhances it, but yeah, we get the gist.

7. Music Reduces Pain

It has been found by a University in Philadelphia that music therapy and pre-recorded music reduced pain more than standard treatments in cancer patients… Wow.

Bob Marley famously said “The thing about music, is that when it hits you, you feel no pain”. We reckon he was right about this one.

However, when you’re glass collecting for a jam-packed Bar 35, with some very animated punters, you tend to get the odd stomp on your toes, but as a whole, we agree whole heartedly.

8. Music Increases Verbal Intelligence

A study at the University of York, showed, after only one month of music lessons (in rhythm, pitch, melody and voice), that 90% of children, between 4 and 6 years old had a significant increase in verbal intelligence.

Somehow though, we sometimes come across customers who can barely pronounce a word without slurring, Lord knows what went wrong there…

Music benefits

So there you have it, music is awesome. May we hear it, may we make it, may we embrace it.

To see what awesome live music we have coming up, have a look at our Events page – see you there!

To find out more of the wonderful benefits, we got our stats from

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